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CodaAir® products are the ultimate high performance air purification technology. CodaAir® purification products are the only clinically tested filtration technology for safe use in human IVF laboratories. 

Coda® was created to purify air pollutants that have deleterious effects on human embryonic development. This breakthrough technology has been clinically proven in human IVF since 1997 and has shown to improve the safety of the embryo culture environment, and thereby result in better in vitro embryonic development, and increased overall pregnancy rates.

CodaAir® products are manufactured by LifeGlobal / CooperSurgical, an ISO 13485 and Health Canada Certifified Company. Coda® products are CE certified, patented and trademarked with worldwide protection. Coda® products are energy efficient and one of the best high performance air purification products in the market. Coda® filters are manufactured in a certified ISO facility in the United States. Coda® products are used in IVF laboratories worldwide and distributed through more than 90 distributors worldwide.

LifeGlobal / CooperSurgical works closely with leading scientists developing new and advanced laboratory technologies and products for infertility, assisted reproduction, cell biology and other medical applications. Our mission is to develop and bring into the market high quality and environmentally friendly products using state-of-the-art technologies and techniques.

Coda®...a name you can trust! Coda®...the only solution!

Clinically Tested

Coda® – The Only "Clinically Tested" and Proven, high performance, filtration technology.

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HEPA Is Not Enough

Air contaminants present in research and clinical laboratories interact with specimens...

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Protect Embryos From VOCs

Coda® filters are common-sense safety deviced that serve to protect embryos from unforseen...

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Why Coda®?

Extensive studies and testing of incubators have shown that the air inside the incubators...

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