Coda® Story

A Leading Original Brand of Air Purification Products in IVF Laboratories

CodaAir® purification products are specifically designed to protect human embryos in culture. The human embryo is a very sensitive cell, with ‘no skin’ and ‘no immune system’. Coda® was created to reduce air pollutants that have deleterious effects on embryonic development. This breakthrough has been clinically proven in human IVF for over 25 years, to improve the safety of the embryo culture environment, and thereby result in better in-vitro embryonic development, and increased overall pregnancy rates.

The beginning …As human reproduction and IVF began to gain momentum in the 1990s, several leading embryologists began to notice periodic decreases in pregnancy rates. They were able to relate those decreases to polluted external air entering their laboratory. More specifically, the interest in the possible effects of air quality on IVF began with the observations of decreases in in vitro embryo development and pregnancy rates associated with the move of an IVF lab from suburban Naples, Italy to the downtown area (1992), and later associated with construction around another IVF lab in New Jersey in 1995. Some environmental effects from other events involving construction in neighbouring spaces and the use of toxic materials in lab spaces proceeded these periods. Significant concentrations of volatile organic contaminants (VOC) were measured in the laboratory air, and in the compressed CO2 used for the incubators. The incoming air contained pollutants originating from local factories, automobile exhaust fumes, construction, fires, and from inside air found in other areas of the hospital. Moreover, extensive air analysis in several other IVF laboratories showed that the air inside the incubators and laboratories contained elevated levels of many volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other chemical air contaminants (CACs). In fact, the air inside an incubator contained significantly higher concentrations of VOCs and CACs than the external air. (Cohen et al., Human Reprod. 12, 1742-1749, 1997).  Based on these observations, Coda® incubator units were designed for use inside the incubators, Coda® Inline® filters for the CO2 supply, and Coda Tower® for purifying the air in the IVF laboratory itself.

Laboratory sources of VOCs and CACs include laboratory gases and plastic ware, furniture, personnel, and equipment.  Other VOCs found inside incubators or laboratories were benzene, acetone, ethanol, and formaldehyde. Shared air from other areas of the building can include VOCs arising from cleaning agents, paints, and anaesthetics. Such VOCs are too small and are not trapped by HEPA filters, but can be removed by adsorption into activated charcoal.

Resolution …Based on these observations, we developed the Coda® Incubator Units and the Coda® Filter to be used inside the incubator, the Coda® Inline® Filters to filter the incoming gas, and the Coda® Towers to remove contaminants in the laboratory air. Together, they can significantly reduce many VOCs, some at undetectable levels.

Today …CodaAir® is the leader in IVF air purification. The technology was invented by Dr. Jacques Cohen, Brian Dale and Michael Cecchi and patented with protection worldwide. CodaAir® products and Coda® filters are manufactured by LifeGlobal / CooperSurgical, which is an ISO 13485 and Health Canada certified Medical Device Company. All CodaAir® products are CE registered. The use of CodaAir® purification products has been established as a Good Medical Practice in leading IVF clinics worldwide. Each component and ingredient of the Coda® technology has been tested and qualified to be safe for human embryos.  

Currently, over 500 clinics, worldwide, attest to the effectiveness of CodaAir® products, and the patient population is becoming increasingly aware of the impact of air quality on human embryos and results. CodaAir® technology is the only technology clinically tested and proven effective and safe for IVF laboratories.

Clinically Tested

Coda® – The Only "Clinically Tested" and Proven, high performance, filtration technology.

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