Coda® ECO™

For IVF Laboratories

    ...The Ultimate in Air Purification Technology

All Coda® ECO™ products are clinically proven for safe and effective use in human ART laboratories. The ultimate effective air technology to purify volatile organic compounds and pollutants.

Our High Performance™ 4 Stage Filter® system has been proven to improve air quality in laboratories and may increase expected outcome and overall results. Coda® products have protected IVF laboratories for over 25 years and have shown a superior performance record.

Coda® ECO™ units offer large capacity purification and removal of contaminants.

Positive Pressure Unit

ECO™ 1500

ECO™ 1200

Clinically Tested

Coda® –- The Only "Clinically Tested" and Proven, high performance, filtration technology.

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HEPA Is Not Enough

Air contaminants present in research and clinical laboratories interact with specimens...

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Protect Embryos From VOCs

Coda® filters are common-sense safety deviced that serve to protect embryos from unforseen...

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Why Coda®?

Extensive studies and testing of incubators have shown that the air inside the incubators...

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