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CodaAir® is committed to providing you with quality technical support anywhere, at any time. CodaAir® has a well established worldwide distribution network to insure you receive excellent service at all times.

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By clicking the button above and filling in the requested information on the form and setting up a Standing Order for the purchase of Coda® Filters you will receive an extended 5 Year Warranty.

When Do I Change the filters?

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How Do I Change the filters?

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Let us know which product you wish to change the filters on and send us your contact information and one of our technical support staff will contact you to guide you through the process.

Looking for a Distributor in Your Area

LifeGlobal Group has over 100 distributors worldwide.
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Clinically Tested

Coda® – The Only "Clinically Tested" and Proven, high performance, filtration technology.

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HEPA Is Not Enough

Air contaminants present in research and clinical laboratories interact with specimens...

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Protect Embryos From VOCs

Coda® filters are common-sense safety deviced that serve to protect embryos from unforseen...

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Why Coda®?

Extensive studies and testing of incubators have shown that the air inside the incubators...

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